Phsar Thmey, better Known as the Central Market, is a unique built in 1937, Phsar Thmey literally means “New Market”. The location where the Central Market now sits was once a swamp area and occupied by a lake known as beng Decho. Today, this beautiful market has become a prominent landmark in Phnom Penh.

This is a stylish Art Décor rotunda with wing s extending in four different directions, the dome is said to be among the largest in the world. The four wings and the beamless dome are very well ventilated by the high ceiling, and it’s an anthill of activity on any given day. The market sells almost anything from fresh produce to souvenirs and clothes. Tourists can certainly get some interesting bargains and unique finds


The Toul Tum Poung market is often referred to as the Russian Market. This is so named because of its popularity among Russian expatriates during the 1980s. The market is popular to collectors of genuine antiques; also for those looking for good reproductions.

Although this market is not as attractive in looks as the Central Market, it has a larger and more varied offering of souvenirs, curios and silk materials,

This probably the best place to find branded factory over-run.