Cambodian food is truly unique if one must really compare it to cuisines of other countires around south-east Asia.

Cambodian cuisine includes nom banchok (Khmer Noodle), curries, amok, lok lak sachgor, soup, grills, stir-fried, salads, derserts, lots of vegetables, tropical fruits, and of course rice which is the staple food for Cambodians. Cambodian culinary secrets are rarely written down; the reciepes were instead handed down from mother to daughter. Frin an ancient origin has come a traditional cuisine of unsuspected treasures; a unique blend of flavors and colors that enhance the natural ingredients used.

Being a country that produces many rice varieties, tourists can enjoy the best aromatic grains and various types of gltinous rice. 

Typically, a Cambodian meal is served with rice and at least three other dishes. It usally includes a soup (Samlor), served alongside the main dishes. Each of the individual dishes will either be sweet, sour, salthy or bitter; this exist side by side in harmony, sometime even within a single dish, to offer an origianl melody. Chili is usually left up to the endividual to add. In this way tourists are subtly ensured that they get a bit of every flavour to satisfy their palates. 

Nom Banchok (Cambodian Noodle) many people enjoy eating Khmer Noodle as much as they like taking an evening stroll. By the same measure, setting down for dinner in Phnom Penh may feel as comfortable as slipping on a pair of walking shoes. Noodle are best when served fresh, and their rich history gets better with time. The Nom anchok is a traditional dish not to be missed.